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What is ContactMast?

ContactMast is a straightforward way for your business to send out good-looking, professional, well‑constructed and cost‑effective email mailshots to your customers and contacts, with the aim of helping you gain new customers and boost repeat business.

We aim to make everything about email marketing as easy and productive for you as possible, striving to provide all you need to collect. store and make use of your contacts' information. Your first years' subscription even includes a branded marketing email design created for your business, which you will then use in our powerful yet really easy-to-use mailshot creator, enabling you to open a new chapter in your company's marketing activities.

You start right here...

We believe in email marketing, but know that it's often not the easiest thing to get started with. We're here to change that.

When you sign up for our paid services, we aim to take care of as much as we can for you:
All you'll initially need to tell us is who you are, and what you're looking to acheive.

We'll get in touch with you personally to talk further about this, after which as a customer you'll get access to:

Design, included

When you take out a subscription, we work on the brief you've given to us and create a flexible template design that you can use to create your mailshots with.

Normally adding hundreds of pounds to the cost of entering the world of email marketing, now bespoke design is included in your subscription (which starts from under £24 a month ex VAT).

You're welcome to pay to have more designs created for you during your subscription, of course, however all our designs are created to be flexible so that you can put together a variety of layouts without having to ask for anything extra, and we'll discuss what it is you'd like to be able to do with your design when we call (don't worry - we'll lead you through the conversation).

From different layouts, to different colour schemes, through to special offer placements, we can create something crafted for you which enables you to send branded, well designed emails that keep your customers engaged every time.

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Look good
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(Really) easy-to-use mailshot creation

We'd really love for email marketing to become a regular activity in your business, so the ability for you to rapidly put together good quality, good looking mailshots and get on with the day-to-day running of your business is important to us.

We already mentioned that all our designs are highly flexible, and enable you to put together a variety of mailshots. Our editing suite powers that flexibility: Select designed template parts to add, click in them and start typing to change content, and see how your mailshot looks in real-time. We've taken care of the design - you just take care of what you need to say.

When you're finished, choose who you want to send to (and when) and just do it - then get on with your day! Come back later for straightforward, understandable stats as to how things have gone.

You can see how this works right now without become a customer, by getting a free trial which has some sample designs that you can experiment with. Why not try it out?

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Mailing list management tools

What good is the ability to send a mailshot if you don't have anyone to send to, of course.

Your subscription doesn't just mean you can send mailshots, it also enables you to collect, store and manage your contacts too.

You'll get access to your "list", into which you can easily add any contacts you have permission to send to, as well as embeddable copy-and-paste sign-up forms that you can place on your website so that your visitors can sign themselves up too (if you need any help with this, let us know when we talk).

As your list grows, you'll probably want to be able to categorise your contacts, as well as create sub-lists that you can choose to send particular mailshots to. We try to make all that as easy as possible.

All mailshots go out with automated unsubscribe links (as well as being automatically detected when an email "bounces" back where an address is no longer active, or incorrect), and removing people from your mailing list is easy too, to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain a healthy opted-in mailing list.

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Pricing options


Max subscribers: 500
Monthly emails: 10,000
Pay: £ 280.00 ex VAT per year


Max subscribers: 1,000
Monthly emails: 20,000
Pay: £ 360.00 ex VAT per year
or, Pay: £ 32.99 ex VAT per month

Enhanced Plus

Max subscribers: 2,000
Monthly emails: 40,000
Pay: £ 460.00 ex VAT per year
or, Pay: £ 42.99 ex VAT per month

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